Can Kidney Failure Recover Renal Function

Most kidney failure patients are curious about the new treatment which may help them prevent illness. They wonder whether the therapy can treat them effectively and safely. Here the article will show you a case to prove that kidney failure patients can recover renal function.

Attallah is a kidney failure patient who comes from Saudi Arabia. She had been diagnosed as kidney failure two years ago. When she arrived at Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she had trouble with the 5 stage kidney failure. She also had swelling, hypertensive, anemia and other symptoms. The doctor controlled her diet, and offered series of treatments such as Mai Kang Mixture, Foot Bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and so on.

Mai Kang Mixture is used to improve the immunity. The stronger immune system will help patients recuperate.

Foot Bath is an external application treatment. The essence of the herbs may permeate into body by bathing patients’ feet. Then the harmful things will be carried out, which offers a advantageous surrounding for the kidney to recover.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can enhance the self-healing ability of kidneys. The special herbs which are picked up based on patients’ conditions are milled into powder. The medical bags which are full with the herbs powder are placed on the patients’ Shenshu area. Then the medical machine will force the active material to enter body and get into the kidney. So, as the the blood vessel is enlarged, the blood stasis is dispelled, the blood circulation is promoted, the kidney takes a turn for the better life.
                                                                                      Can Kidney Failure recover renal function
                                                                                     Can Kidney Failure recover renal function

During the past 5 days, the treatment alleviated the discomfort and Attallah has a normal life again. The most direct index is that the creatinine drops to 426umol/l from 746umol/l.

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