Can Creatinine 5.4 and CKD be Treated with Natural Remedies

Can Creatinine 5.4 and CKD be Treated with Natural RemediesIf the creatinine of a CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) reaches up to 5.4 on the basic of the lab tests, the doctor will advise the patient to start dialysis. Up to now, the dialysis is no longer the only choice for CKD patients. More and more patients are reaching for a natural therapy instead of dialysis. Then, can Creatinine 5.4 and CKD be treated with Natural remedies? By the way, you can get a free consultation with our renal specialist through the pop-up windows.

In clinical, the creatinine level is considered as the main index of the renal function. As a matter of fact, the creatinine 5.4 shows the kidney has been injured badly. That is to say, the kidney is unable to hold its function to remove the poisons from blood, maintain the balance of electrolyte, produce urine, etc. As a result, patients will be ill with so many symptoms in such a terrible internal environment.

In addition, dialysis can decrease the renal function, increase the risk of heart failure, lead to muscle cramp and other side effect.

Hence, the CKD patients hope to be treated with an available and natural treatment.

What can be the natural therapies?

Full Bath Therapy.

Full Bath Therapy is to bath the whole body of the patients with the bath foam which are full of the essence extracted from Chinese medicines. During the bathing, the toxins will be carried out through the skin. Later, the symptoms will be alleviate, and the kidney will begin to revive.

Hot Compress Therapy.

Hot Compress Therapy is a external application treatment, which will hot press the patients’ Shenshu area. And thus the healthy qi will defeat the illness. In another word, the kidney will be repaired in the treatment.


For many patients, it is a miraculous therapy to treat the patients with a thin needle. During the treatment, the needle must be stab deeply into the specific acupoints accurately. Since then, the patient will live a better life.

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