A Foreign Patient Loves Chinese Culture Due to Chinese Medicine

A Foreign Patient Loves Chinese Culture Due to Chinese Medicine“A small and thin needle can cure illnesses, and the various of the plants’ root and leaf can be the medicines. Chinese medicine is really miraculous. And the Beijing Opera is very good.” Said happliy by Lare. He says he wants to settle in China with his wife and to learn more about Chinese culture.

Lare, 48 years old, is from Bangladesh. He is an official in the local government. He has a good chemistry with his wife. The neighbors are envious of Lare’s family. But at the end of last year, his wife was ill with kidney failure.

“ I was very afraid, because my sister died because of kidney disease. I don’t want that my wife suffers from these sufferings.” Lare said sadly.

Lare and his wife had went to India for a better treatment, but the clinical effects are not ideal. The brother of his wife had went to China for businesses and has a certain understanding of traditional Chinese medicines. He suggested trying Chinese medicines in China after realizing the illness conditions of his sister. Later, lare resigned from the office and accompanied his wife came to China for Chinese medicines.

Lare feel ease as his wife becomes better with the Chinese medicine. Lare said “ I heard the special music while I was selecting the telecast. Although I don’t know what the actors said, the translator tell me the history of the Anti-Japanese War.”

Lare said excitingly “There are not only Chinese medicine, but also traditional Chinese opera, delicacy, traditional festive activity and so on in China. I think I have loved China. When my left return to healthy, I want to live in China with my left and learn more about Chinese culture.”

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