Once Creatinine Goes Up Again After Transplanted Is Chinese Medicine Helpful

Once Creatinine Goes Up Again After Transplanted Is Chinese Medicine HelpfulOnce creatinine, one of the important indexes to describe how well the kidneys, goes up again after transplant, what should we do? Need another dialysis and transplant be done? Is Chinese medicine helpful?

Is it normal that the creatinine level increased after transplanted?

Yes. To be honest, transplant is a process in which the patients adopted a matching kidney from the donor. However, the new kidney will be considered as a foreign thing in your body. This is also the reason why the patients are asked to take lifelong immunosuppressor. However, the patients are too weak to prevent all the factors will make the kidneys worse and finally it can not work well any more as we expected. So that, creatinine and other harmful things will deposited in the blood and cells, manifesting as upward creatinine level.

What is Chinese medicine?

It is a joint name of Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, Foot Bath, Cycle Therapy and other natural treatments combined the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, advanced science and Western medicines so as to remedy the patients from root causes safely and successfully.

Is it worth doing Chinese medicine to deal with elevated creatinine level post transplant?

As you've seen in earlier articles, Toxin-Removing Therapy could sever the function of detoxification, especially the blood and cell detoxification, during which course, the abnormal immune products can also be brought away. Therefore, the kidney can be protected from further damage better. Simultaneously, certain treatments else will take effects on anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, improvement of blood circulation, enhancement of renal self repairing capacity, etc. As a result, the damaged but not died renal cells and tissues will be activated and get revived. Also, the creatinine level will be lowered and the patients can continue to carry on with the high quality life.

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