How To Reduce Creatinine 3.6 In Nephrotic Syndrome

Reduce Creatinine 3.6,Nephrotic SyndromeHow to reduce creatinine 3.6 in nephrotic syndrome? Can it be cured? Is it possible to come back normal life? How long can i live in nephrotic syndrome? Of course, you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly to get all the answers.

Creatinine is a waste of muscles. Normally, it should be discharged out through kidneys into urine. However, when our kidneys are not working well, the creatinine cannot be discharged out, so it stays in blood. That’s why the serum creatinine is higher than normal. It is not difficult to lower serum creatinine level. Ketosteril and Medicinal Charcoal Tablets can be used. However, the medicines cannot lower creatinine level from the root and if you reduce the dosage or stop taking the medicines, creatinine will relapse. In this light, the fundamental solution is still to improve kidney function and prevent further kidney damage.

Can chinese herbal medicines treat creatinine 3.6 in nephrotic syndrome well?

Different from western medicines for kidney related symptoms, eastern medicines physicians give their patients natural herbal formula that offer support and balance to the body as a whole. Their aim is to detoxify the body whole supporting the kidneys and other key organs in order for the body to heal itself and restore proper kidney filtration and kidney function. For eastern medicine to treat nephrotic syndrome, there are many herbs such as astragalus root, codonopsis root, white atractylodes rhizome, poria, coix seed, prepared aconite root, cinnamon bark, aucklandia root and epimedium etc. In addition, there is a systemic therapy which refers to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to manage NS. Several herbs are chosen depending on patients’ individualized medical conditions and then the micronized herbs can get to the kidney location through your skin with the help of osmosis machine and osmosis fluid. With this therapy, it can help promote blood circulation, repair injured kidney cells and improve kidney function.

So creatinine 3.6 can be reduced from the root, and patients can come back to normal life.

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