Sweating Is An Important Metabolic Activity To Human

To most normal persons the sweating is the common metabolic activity,that can help body discharge large quantity toxins and waste out of body,then the human body can have a clean internal circumstance to keep the organs functioning.No sweats means there is something wrong with your health and must pay attention to it .No sweat refers to those who do not sweat out. ..

All normal people in spring and summer have yang qi draining away, and qi and blood tend to be superficial, so there is perspiration. Yang qi hides in autumn and winter, and qi and blood tend to flow inward. Therefore, there is little or no sweat, which is a natural trend. If external evils invade the muscle surface and the muscles lose control, then it is morbid when sweat comes out but sweat does not come out. This section discusses the latter.

[ symptoms ]

There is no sweat on the surface due to the coldness; The whole body has no sweat, aversion to cold and fever, headache and body pain, heavy nasal obstruction, sneezing and runny nose, itchy throat and cough, thin and white tongue coating, and floating and tight pulse conditions.

There is no sweat with cold out side and heat inside; The whole body has no sweat, fever, aversion to cold, pain in limbs, heavy nasal obstruction, dysphoria, thirst, sore throat, cough, yellow sputum, constipation, white or thin yellow fur, and floating pulse conditions.

No sweat with cold and damp invades the surface: The whole body has no sweat, the head is swollen like a wrap, the limbs are heavy, the joints are vexed and painful, the cold and slight fever are feared, especially in the sun, the tongue coating is white and greasy, and the pulse is floating tightly or late.

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