Some Symptoms About Your Kidney Problems

To most persons when they have something wrong with kidney ,they always feel waist and knee soreness,and walking long time will feel tired,often have fatigue in their daily life.Deficiency of liver and kidney, weakness of waist and knees: The waist and knees are weak or have waist soreness, lumbago, and cold knees. they are long and continuous. After rest, they are slightly reduced, while when they are tired, they are aggravated. Hands and feet are cold, chilly, warm, deaf, tinnitus, clear or frequent urination, loose stool or diarrhea, alopecia, loose teeth; Even spermatorrhea, impotence. Conscious sleepiness and exhaustion, short breath, even after work; The tongue is light and the pulse is heavy and thin.

Waist and knee weakness due to cold and dampness: The waist and knees are weak and weak, with cold waist and knees, or the waist and knees are sorely and painful. When it rains, cold and wet, it intensifies, and when it warms, it can be relieved. The tongue is normal or white in coating, and the pulse is heavy, thin or slow.

Damp and hot waist and knee weakness: The waist and knees are weak, the lower limbs are weak, and they cannot stand for a long time. Or red and swollen knees and feet. Short and red urine, constipation. The tongue coating is yellow or greasy, and the pulse thready.

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