The White-collar Worker Must Pay Attention To Professional Disease

As a white – collar worker in cities you will always feel tired all day for the long time work, and they are often busy in work and have little time for exercise,with the time goes by more and more discomforts will occur to them,that is the ” occupational disease”.

Many white-collar workers sit in their desks for three or four hours in the morning without moving and without drinking a mouthful of water. There are still many white-collar workers who would rather give up going to the toilet for a minute or two than work for a minute or two, gradually forming a bad habit of holding their urine. These bad habits are ” invisible killers” of kidneys.

Lily ( not the real name ) is a case of suffering from this kind of illness. She is 26 years old and is a project designer of a network company in Beijing. Like other white-collar workers, she shuttles between the bus and the company every day. After arriving at the company, she started a day’s work and spent the whole day sitting in a chair except reporting to her superiors. The working hours and speed in big cities have kept these white-collar workers from slacking off. The intense work has made them unable to remember drinking water and even have formed the habit of holding their urine.

On one occasion, even because of a delegation from the head office, the meeting was held for five hours. It was also because of that time, she began to suffer from lower abdomen pain. At first, she just endured it and didn’t care about it, but suddenly one day she found blood in her urine and she began to be afraid. The results of the hospital examination showed that she had pyelonephritis.

We should pay more attention to self-observation at ordinary times, such as red urine, more foam when urinating, and the foam lasts for a long time. The skin of limbs, face and body emits having red spots or redness. Pain in limbs and joints; fever and so on are warning signs of kidney disease. People with the above symptoms should be diagnosed early and treated early, and should not let bad living habits bring big hidden dangers and burden their health and economy.

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