Proteinuria Is An Important Symbol For Kidney

To most kidney patients they often have protein in urine,and if the value is not high that means their kidney has not been damaged so badly,but ignoring this will lead to the further hurt to kidney function.and proteinuria+ and Uremia are manifestations of renal fibrosis, but at different stages.

When proteinuria occurs, the process of kidney fibrosis and hardening is still in the inflammatory reaction phase of kidney fibrosis. At this time, the pathological changes of the kidney are only caused by mesangial cell proliferation, mesangial matrix increase, glomerular basement membrane change and kidney permeability increase. This period is relatively less difficult to treat, and it is the best time to block renal fibrosis. If standardized treatment is given, the damaged kidney can be completely repaired.

The more hardened and necrotic glomeruli, the worse the detoxification of the kidney, and the extracellular matrix produced in the process of renal fibrosis will also replace some healthy kidney units. Under the action of this double pressure, uremia will follow.

People often think that a small ant does not pose a threat to a solid dam and does not pay attention to it. Finally, when the long dike collapsed and the flood flooded the home, they began to regret. In fact, the process of uremia is just like the truth of ” A small leak will sink a great ship”. Proteinuria and occult blood play an ” ant” role in the process of renal fibrosis, while uremia is a ” collapsed long dike”.

Therefore, if we want to prevent uremia and avoid the burden it brings to us, we should ” prevent microdialysis” and standardize treatment to block the progress of renal fibrosis.

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