How To Reduce The Creatinine Level With Reasonable Treatments

People To kidney patients the blood creatinine is the important index to show their kidney condition.and they always want to know if the blood creatinine can be reduced through some treatment methods or diet plan,and before i can answer your questions i must tell you that how the blood creatinine come from.

There are two sources of creatinine: 1. Self - muscle; 2. Meat.

who like exercise, have high muscle content and eat meat have higher serum creatinine than others. The elderly, women and children with low muscle content, as well as vegetarians, will have lower serum creatinine.

Is high creatinine serious?

kidney failure patients asked me:

" My creatinine is 3.7, is it serious? "

No matter what the primary disease is, it is serious to the point where creatinine exceeds the standard.

The high creatinine indicates that the renal injury of the patient has exceeded 70 %, and timely and effective treatment must be carried out, otherwise the renal disease will continue to develop and eventually develop into uremia.

How to reduce creatinine?

Clinically, a large amount of proteinuria and western medicine take effect quickly. To reduce occult blood and creatinine, western medicine is often helpless and depends on TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment. Of course, there is no absolute demarcation. The two complement each other.

What we refer to as kidney disease in modern times is believed by Chinese medicine to be rooted in the lungs and spleen, not the kidney. Western medicine also believes that the cause of kidney disease lies in immune, tumor and other factors, not in the kidney. This view coincides with that of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine.

To reduce creatinine, traditional Chinese medicine should be dialectically used to harmonize zang-fu organs.

At the same time, we must prevent colds, not overwork, and control food, mood, blood pressure, blood sugar, electrolyte and other factors. In short, to maintain a good internal environment in the kidney, the internal environment is good, the traditional Chinese medicine can only reduce creatinine.

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