The Kids Must Pay More Attention To Nephrotic Syndrome

However, when the child was 2 years old, the wife found her child’s hair getting yellow and she always didn’t like to eat. she took her child to see a doctor. local doctors said that she was short of zinc and calcium, and some were anaemic. she only prescribed some zinc and calcium supplements for her back to eat.

” Although taking medicine and supplementing nutrition are not getting better, listening to the old saying that children are like this, they will not become yellow after they get older and will not worry about it any more.” The father said regretfully.

It was not until April this year, in the kindergarten’s routine examine found that the child’s abdomen had fluid accumulation and breathing was different from that of the normal child. It is suggested to go to the department of nephrology for further examination.

The couple took their children to several hospitals for detailed examinations, and the result was that the children suffered from nephrotic syndrome.

The father did not want his son’s disease to recur

” The child was in the initial stage of nephrotic syndrome.” .. ” Because patients are too young, experts do not recommend hormone and have specially formulated a treatment plan focusing on removing blood toxins from traditional Chinese medicine.”

The reason why the patient’s hair is yellow is that the child loses a large amount of protein from the urine, resulting in protein malnutrition, dry and yellow hair, keratosis of hair follicles, dry skin, and delayed development.

Because nephrotic syndrome is hidden and difficult to find, it is common among young people and children. Therefore, our experts advised parents and friends to pay more attention to their children’s physical changes, especially within 2 to 3 weeks after catching a cold, if the child’s eyelids are swollen, weak, inappetence, less urine and foam in the urine, they should go to the hospital for urine test in time.

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