Chinese Traditional Medicine Can Treat Chronic Renal Failure Effectively

EDI is a Muslim, a handsome young man from Indonesia. He had urine protein 2 + and urine occult blood 1 + two years ago during the physical examination. Before that, he did not have edema of both lower limbs. He went to the hospital in Indonesia for treatment and was diagnosed as chronic renal failure.

Later, I stayed in the hospital for treatment, but the effect of the disease did not improve significantly. urine protein and occult blood fluctuated all the time, thus repeatedly losing EDI’s confidence in the treatment …

After leaving hospital, EDI went online to inquire about information, consulted numerous doctors in China and found many hospitals, but there was no good way. A bold idea appeared , and he focused his attention on China. There is no good way for western medicine. Chinese traditional medicine may be able to help me.

The treatment effect was satisfactory

After a period of treatment, the handsome young man from Muslims finally got better. 24 – hour urinary protein was 6.27 g, down to 1.58 g.

Urine routine showed that protein decreased from 3 + to 1 +, and occult blood turned negative.

Dinner before discharge

EDI was very satisfied with the treatment, with a happy smile on the face. The condition has improved and the handsome young man is planning to return to his hometown. On the night before he was discharged from hospital, each of the medical staff prepared a dish for him. EDI ate happily, he said: ” To leave, thank you for your company for this period of time. ” We hope he has a bright future.

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