Patient With Chronic Renal Insufficiency Can Get Better Treatment Effect

A kidney patient has the chief complaint: urine protein, urine blood for more than 4 years, yellow face and fatigue for more than 8 months and were admitted to hospital for treatment.

On admission: The patient had clear language, regular facial features, sallow complexion, anemia, mild edema of both eyelids, pale face and conjunctiva, white and greasy tongue coating, no abnormal bilateral lungs, 96 beats / min of heart rate, regular rhythm, no obvious pathological murmur, moderate edemas of both lower limbs, and laboratory results: Cr 871 umol / l, BUN 14.1 mmol / l, HB 81g / l, ab 14.1 mmol / l, ca 1.8 mmol / l

Treatment after admission: Give special traditional Chinese medicine penetration therapy, enriching blood, supplementing calcium, correcting acid and other treatments.

After treatment: The patient’s face was ruddy, in the patient’s own words: ” My own face can be washed clean now!” The edema of the face and lower limbs disappeared, and the tests were carried out. Blood Cr 370 umol / l, bun 13.1 mmol / l, HB 107 g / l, ab 22 mmol / l, ca 2.3 mmol / l after follow – up, the patient’s spirit, diet and sleep were all acceptable. now blood Cr has dropped to 210 umol / l without hemodialysis.

Comments: The characteristic Chinese medicine penetration therapy fundamentally treats the kidney, which increases the detoxification ability of the kidney, and assists some symptomatic treatment to improve the general condition, thus establishing a good environment for the characteristic Chinese medicine penetration therapy to repair the kidney, and its recovery speed will be faster.

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