How To Treat Diabetic Nephropathy In Traditional Chinese Medicine

Today, a patient asked me: doctor, my grandfather has been suffering from diabetes for 20 years, these 20 years has been relying on drugs to maintain its normal blood sugar, last month he suddenly fainted, sent to the hospital diagnosis is caused by diabetes kidney failure, how to treat it?Hear cure method of traditional Chinese medicine is good, rely on chart?How is diabetic nephropathy treated dialectically in traditional Chinese medicine

Clinically, according to the pathological evolution, it can be treated according to the following four types: qi and Yin deficiency type, liver and kidney deficiency type, spleen and kidney deficiency type, kidney deficiency and blood stasis type.

Liver kidney qi Yin two empty type advocate evidence: god is tired force, little gas is lazy to speak, oropharynx is dry, defecate slant is dry dizzy tinnitus, eyesight thing is blurred, waist knee is sour and soft, tongue is dark fat, pulse string is fine.

Treatment: invigorate spleen and kidney, invigorate qi and activate blood.

Spleen kidney Yang deficiency type master card:spirit and strength fatigue , waist and knee pain, foot edema, and cold limbs cold, stay loose stool, tongue fat with teeth marks, veins thin weak heart kidney Yang deficiency type master card: god fatigue, palpitation and shortness of breath, waist and knee pain, urine less puffiness, fear cold, cold extremities, very breath cannot lay down, tongue fat dark with teeth marks or dark purple tongue, pulse heavy fine.

Rule of thumb: invigorate qi, nourish heart, invigorate Yang, invigorate blood and invigorate water.

At the same time, we should strengthen the basic treatment

1. A high-quality low-protein diet

Concomitant edema, hypertension person should limit sodium, give low salt diet.

2. Control hypertension

Hypertension not only accelerates the progression of diabetic glomerular damage, but also aggravates diabetic retinopathy.Controlling hypertension can reduce the excretion of urinary protein, slow down the rate of renal function decline, and prolong the life of patients.

3. Strictly control blood sugar

Clinical and experimental studies have shown that chronic hyperglycemia with metabolic disorder is the main cause of diabetic microvascular diseases.Strict control of blood sugar has been demonstrated.It can effectively control the progress of diabetic nephropathy.

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