5 Tips Help Keep Renal Functions To Avoid ESRD

Keep Renal Functions,Avoid ESRD,Uremia is not so terrible. In fact, the probability of Chronic Kidney Disease developing to the end of renal failure is only 1%. The remaining 99% will not progress to uremia. Renal function can be maintained at a stage.

Although there is no good way to restore damaged renal cells and function after chronic renal failure, it can protect the remaining renal function.

In order to protect the safety of kidney function as far as possible, in the course of nephropathy treatment, besides actively cooperating with the treatment, nephrophiles should also pay attention to developing good habits of protecting kidney, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

1. Improving autoimmunity and avoiding infection as far as possible

The occurrence of chronic kidney disease is directly related to the deficiency of immune system, so the treatment of nephropathy should pay attention to the improvement of immunity. Some patients with proteinuria need to take hormones and immunosuppressive agents, which can also cause low immunity. Low immunity can trigger immune inflammation, causing infection, thus aggravating the damage of renal function.

2. Nephropathy patients improve immunity in daily life

Pay attention to reasonable diet.

Nutrition, comprehensive and proper exercise and physical fitness.

3. Keep in good mood

Vaccination is necessary to prevent and treat colds and other infections.

Follow the dietary principle of nephropathy, low salt, high quality and low protein

Managing diet is also part of nephropathy treatment. Some Kidney Friends feel that their diet is too restrictive, so they can't eat that and can't eat it. They worry about malnutrition. In fact, there are two basic principles of nephrotic diet: low salt and high quality low protein diet. Adhere to these two dietary principles is mainly to reduce the burden of the kidney, while conducive to albuminuria, hypertension, edema and other symptoms of relief, thus playing a role in protecting the kidney. Kidney friends should adhere to all aspects of diet management, rather than let "what to eat" drag on kidney disease, become a "stumbling block" in the treatment of kidney disease.

4. Take medicine according to doctor's advice

There are many symptoms in the development of nephropathy. According to the severity of the disease, many patients need to take several drugs at the same time, even more than a dozen drugs. According to statistics, up to 13 drugs can be taken. Kidney is an important organ for metabolizing drugs. For patients with renal insufficiency, drug metabolic ability is inevitably poor. Therefore, in order to reduce the burden of kidney, we should try our best to choose the best medication plan and take medicine strictly according to doctor's advice.

Pay attention to the review after treatment in order to avoid recurrence

In the course of nephropathy treatment, in order to clarify the condition, it is necessary to have various examinations, large and small, to understand the condition of renal function. In addition to the examination in the course of treatment, it is also very important to reexamine the patient's condition after improvement. It is not only a means of monitoring the therapeutic effect, but also a timely reflection of the changes of the disease. Kidney friends should be regarded as a key link in preventing recurrence, rather than as a burden. The reexamination included urine routine examination, blood routine examination and renal function examination. The more careful the investigation, the less likely it will deteriorate.

5. Regular work and rest

The impairment of renal function can also be said to be the result of long-term overdraft health. For Kidney Friends, they should combine work with rest, especially when their condition gets better and they return to work. They should also pay attention to avoiding overwork. On the one hand, they should learn to relax, or they will feel "too tired". In daily life, we should pay attention not to stay up late and keep good sleep, so that the kidney can recover better.

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