4 Useful Tips Help Cure Renal Failure To Avoid CKD 5

Avoid CKD 5,Cure Renal Failure,CKD 5Some patients have such questions, with the same pathological type of nephropathy, why the final treatment results are different? Some people can achieve clinical cure, while others are unstable and even go to renal failure.

The results of nephropathy treatment are good or bad, but there are many factors affecting the ultimate development direction of nephropathy. In terms of drug therapy, such as hormone therapy, even though both patients were diagnosed as membranous nephropathy, different patients are affected by age, constitution, hormone sensitivity and so on. The final treatment results are bound to be different.

Drug therapy is only a part of nephropathy treatment. In addition, every patient's attitude towards the condition and the degree of effort in daily life will affect the stability of renal function. In addition to insisting on treatment, Kidney Friends should also do four things steadily, which is more beneficial to the recovery of renal function.

1. Handling the relationship between drugs and illness

Nephropathy patients take more drugs, but some nephropathy patients have less understanding of the role of drugs, often make mistakes in drug management, leading to some patients will be unauthorized drug withdrawal, drug change, increase or decrease, resulting in treatment interruption, and accelerate the deterioration of renal function.

In order to stabilize renal function, correct medication is very important.

Drug use is not excluded. Most drugs have both therapeutic and side effects. Kidney friends should accept them comprehensively. For example, the side effects of hormones, some patients will appear obvious full moon face, buffalo back, hairy situation, these side effects are temporary, in the improved condition after the withdrawal of hormones, can generally recover, therefore, Kidney Friends should not because of the so-called side effects, give up medication or withdrawal, so that the final injury can only be renal function, the condition is difficult to recover.

Do not change medicines or add or subtract medicines without authorization. Still taking hormone as an example, the initial dosage of patients with different conditions, when to increase or decrease, and when to stop medication are all treatment plans made by doctors on the premise of strict assessment of patients'condition. Therefore, Kidney Friends should not take the initiative to add or subtract drugs.

Don't rush for success, trust and deviate from the prescription. Renal function recovery time is longer, nephropathy patients should have confidence and patience. Don't blindly think that the more medicines you take, the better.

2. Correct View of "Beyond Therapy"

Some patients feel that taking medicine and injecting is a treatment, but they neglect the things beyond the treatment. Drug therapy for nephropathy is one aspect, and daily treatment can not be ignored. Just like you have a cold and a fever, besides taking medicine, the doctor will also advise you to drink more water. Drinking water is something besides treatment, but it is good for recovery.

In daily life, patients should also develop good habits of kidney protection, strictly abide by the "five low and one high" principle in diet, to provide protection for the recovery of illness, exercise more to improve immunity, reduce inflammation in the kidney, but to reduce the burden of kidney, such as fatigue, smoking and alcohol cessation, regular work and rest. Seemingly very simple small things, long-term adherence to do, the same has a great positive effect on the recovery of renal function.

3. Avoiding the risk of recurrence and periodic review

Recurrence is one of the factors that make chronic kidney disease difficult to cure. Every recurrence will have some kidney cells damaged, is a serious damage to renal function, so reducing the recurrence frequency of kidney disease is also the key to avoid renal failure. To avoid the risk of recurrence, Kidney Friends should insist on reviewing the indicators.

Including 24-hour urinary protein quantification, microalbuminuria, blood routine creatinine, uric acid, urea nitrogen and other toxin indicators, glomerular filtration rate, endogenous creatinine clearance rate and other indicators that directly reflect renal function. Patients in the middle and late stages of kidney disease should also pay attention to the detection of electrolytes, including blood potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and anemia prevention and treatment.

4. Face the illness calmly and strengthen the confidence of treatment

Only 1% of nephropathy develops to uremia. Most patients can maintain the stability of renal function and continue their normal life. The only difference is the need to adhere to medication treatment, regular review, in order to ensure the stability of the disease.

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